Friday, September 4, 2009

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan 3D Portrait

Creating Portrait in 3D and Full color holographic printing

We have been heartened by the monochrome holograms for many years already, and many of us have seen a permanent exhibition of holograms in Kiev Lavra. Now it's time for full-color holograms to take its place in the world market of art and advertising. The possibilities for development of 3d graphics are boundless. Your attire and ambience on the hologram could be represented as you like. Would you like to look younger, prettier and luxurious? Everything is possible!
In February 2009, Andrey from “4dStudioR” asked me if I could make a CG / 3D portrait of Sheikh Zayed. In the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Zayed has always been a great man, who made his country rich during the years of his governing. The people of the Emirates love and honor him, which means that the pictures of Sheikh Zayed are very popular in the country. The portraits of Sheikh Zayed can be found  in many offices, homes,  cars, etc. “4dStudioR” company is located in Dubai, and these days is going to offer  a portrait of Sheikh Zayed in the form of a full color hologram from the smallest up to almost meter sizes to the Emirates market.
I wasn’t enough free at that time, but it was really interesting for me to try something new. I got down to business and I could not even imagine what amount of work is ahead of me...
The beginning of work on this project was ordinary, as with the experience of 10 years in the CG / 3D I can do many things automatically. A little later it turned out, that there was not enough photographic material, and the one I obtained, was with low-resolution printing, no more than a few hundred pixels. I realized that to complete this project – I need more time than I expected, because besides this project I also had my major work. Thus, I devoted all my free time to this project during the evenings. Since it was clear, that the photography cannot be used for textures, I had to create everything from scratch. My favorite tool “Maya” was of great importance at that moment and the small physical details (pores and wrinkles) were created in the “Zbrush”. Neither this part of work, nor the search of similarities took the biggest part of time. The ordinary modelling and sculpting was done quickly. In order to achieve photorealism (photographic accuracy), I had to spend hundreds of hours on rendering test. More than 80% of workflow looked as follows: I changed one of the options, e.g.  skin shader (subsurface skin), clicked “fragment render”, waited, saw the result, changed another option, clicked  “fragment render” etc.

Gradually, a portrait was completed. Initially, the project was prepared for printing in “Geola” company, but later the preference was given to “Rabbitholes” and I had to reconfigure the stage. The final rendering on three machines (pc) took more than 3 days (1,200 frames with a resolution of 2854х613  pixels).

Below photo

On this video is 3d Rendering, better watching in HD

Below you can see the video with my hologram of  215х275 mm size. I think, it is the first one full-color hologram in Ukraine so far.

On video below is physical hologram, It is real shooting with video camera. Better watching in HD

Printed Portrait of Sheikh Zayed any size hologram with frame and light you can buy in Dubai. There is a site of customer of this portrait, they have a gallery with holograms in Dubai, you will find Address and emails in the contacts at:

This new and not cheap type of art only begins its way. The possibilities of CG computer graphics are endless. The process of creation can be ten times shorter, and the results significantly convincing if photos of good quality are available.

You can order 3D/CG portraits of yourself or of a Family. Printed portraits with frames and lamps you will take by delivery service after printing. Feel free to contact me to discuss your projects needs at
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Portrait printed in Rabbitholes. More information about printing 3D Motion full color holograms you'll find here: